Self-Creation Is Our Pride




K.E ICE LATTE (DIY = Do It Yourself)

K.E HOT CAFFE LATTE (DIY = Do It Yourself)



Serving Khmer healthy food and drink while supporting local job opportunities is in Khmer Enterprise’s DNA.

Red Noodle

Red noodles are handmade at our production facility using beetroot. All made from scratch and all made at K.E. This is a delicious, healthy and natural choice for anyone. The broth of the soup is a special recipe made from all natural ingredients.

This dish was a signature dish back in 2015 and became the inspiration for all of dishes in K.E Cafe. The noodle gets the red color from the juice extracted from beetroot, and is 100% handmade at the K.E production facility. The meatball is handmade molded containing healthy vegetables inside. T he broth of the soup is a special recipe made from all natural local ingredients.

  • All noodles are not made equal.
  • All noodles are not made the same.
  • Red Noodle, made of beetroots, by locals for a healthy planet.
  • We aspire to be the local pioneer of healthy noodle maker of Cambodia.
  • From sourcing local produces to making and cooking noodle to serving our Red Noodle lovers, we do it wholeheartedly in the name of a Cambodian visionary. Khmer Enterprise (K.E)
  • We make Red Noodle. We serve Red Noodle. We delight our customers with Red Noodle.
  • Each and every delicious dish of Red Noodle is our pride of hand-crafting Red Noodle.
  • Red Noodle is not just our signature food and dish at K.E Cafe, it’s our testament of making Cambodian food healthier again.

“Red Noodle is a long, grand vision, to change the way we eat healthy noodle,” Khmer Enterprise founder says. Red Noodle is locally and proudly made by Khmer Enterprise (K.E).


Coffee with Memories

Ice Latte – Like no others

We pride ourselves by sourcing locally. At K.E Cafe, we brew Cambodian coffee beans from Mondulkiri province. Not many people know that Cambodia is a coffee growing nation.

The ethnic people in Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri have been growing coffee since the French brought it several hundred years ago.

We use a blend of Khmer coffee beans from Mondulkiri as well as Arabica from Laos. K.E is proud to support Cambodia’s farmers.



All rice that is served is guaranteed locally produced in Cambodia. We are partnering with Cambodian Farmer Rice (Camborice) to ensure that our customers are consuming the safest non-chemical rice grown by farmers in Battambang province.

The Rice is certified by GMP/HACCP/ISO22000.



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